Saturday, March 31, 2007

Valuable Pockets

Absolutely Hilarious!

Sperm Counts

The durex condom ad. Scientefic, Interesting, Fantastic

Step on

the cola war is on

Bound to life

only a one word reaction - 'WAOOOO'

Hands That Heal

Hands that rock the cradle, rule the world

Dead Man Walking

Thats how we treat our aged...
A CSR activity by Archies where volunteers asked the aged to pose with garlanded photoframes on streets
Very Creative, Very thoughtful

Dont just React, Act!

Because Time is Timeless and Tide is Untidy,
They wait for no Man or Women,
Now!!! is the time to be Human
Agency - Lowe

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Toys are made

and... ducks are raped

Better late than 'late'

Live on a Pace - Maker?

Snake Skinned

What lies beneath!

Milk it Dry

Dont try to entice me... I am certain that I want to turn vegan
(hope PETA is hearing)

My valley is green!

Reality Check:
20 million acres of rain forests are destroyed every year,
forests the size of a football ground disappear every 5 seconds

Tissue Paper

Don't waste paper, definitely not tissue paper
Agency - Unknown

Diet Pepsi

very very creative,
Technically though I wonder why the tail didnt shrink!
Agency - FUN:ru

The Rear Dust Bin

I dont care what is this ad is for... I just want this bin
Agency - Unknown

Fevicol Adhesives

Like poles repel... Do they?
Agency - Unknown

Beeragra = Beer + Viagra

Does beer really create this effect, I wonder!
Source - Unknown

Smoking Kills

Look closely, they are cigarette stubs
Source - Unknown

Dont You Gossip!

Some Moral Science Tutions!

Source- Unknown